"It's the mind itself which shapes the body" Joe Pilates

Pilates for Beginners - Little House
Pilates for Beginners is a formal introduction to the Pilates Method. If new to Pilates, please begin your exploration here. The Pilates Method is structured around your body’s powerhouse – It includes the abdominals, the pelvic floor, the muscles around the hip joint, and the muscles of the lower back. Every exercise engages these muscles simultaneously improving posture and creating a stronger, leaner physique.


Pilates Mat - Palo Alto YMCA
This Pilates class uses small equipment including the "magic circle," foam rollers, blocks, therapy balls, and hand-held weights to deepen engagement of the core and postural muscles and challenge core stability. Get a balanced workout from head to toe, increasing strength, mobility, flexibility, tone and improving posture.


Pilates MVe® Chair - Little House - Sign-Up Required
Bored with your same old Pilates routine? Take it to a whole new level with the MVe® Chair! The Maximum Versatility exercise chair, created by Peak Pilates in Boulder, CO, is quickly and easily reconfigured into different settings that bring depth and variety to traditional Pilates exercises. The MVe® Chair facilitates engaging multiple muscles of your core simultaneously during each exercise. With continued practice, you'll feel and see improvement in your overall strength, balance, and posture - an excellent full-body workout! We recommend that you have a strong foundation in Pilates exercises and terminology before trying this class. Not suitable for beginners.


MELT Method & Body Rolling - Little House & Palo Alto YMCA

The MELT Method and body rolling is re-dehydration of the body's connective tissue and deep tissue massage all rolled into one! The balls help to hydrate the tissues and balance the nervous system. You will find in this class that you will let go of unproductive patterns in your body. Body rolling allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and to optimize range of motion in joints.


Yogalates - Little House

A class for all levels that focuses on the best of Pilates and Yoga. 

Menlo Pilates & Yoga