"It's the mind itself which shapes the body" Joe Pilates

Fran, you have elevated my awareness of my anatomy, inside, and out.  You have shown me how to safely keep my musculoskeletal self loose and limber to improve and maintain stability, strength and safe function.  You also teach patience with one's self while on this Pilates road to fitness. Thank you.

Helen B (2018)


Fran has made a big difference in my life.  I searched for an expert because of my back and knee issues and I am so grateful to have found her.  All of my issues were addressed and I can see definite improvements in those areas.  My body has changed with the work I do with Fran.  I am strong!

Susan A (2018)


I have never participated in any physical or athletic activity before making the decision to sign up for Pilates.  I chose Pilates only because my daughter-in-law attended classes/sessions and she said it helped her strengthen her back.  She has a special needs child and found the exercises helpful in care for him.  I felt it would help me in strengthening my bones and tolerance for activity.  My two concerns were whether I would be able to get up for an early morning class, and whether I would commit to attending classes on a regular basis.  Fran makes the classes interesting and challenging for me.  It is a beginners class yet I feel I belong in a pre beginner class.  Except Fran's attitude and teaching methods give me hope for improvement.  She makes it clear that as long as we do what we are able, know when we should take a break, and breathe, we are fine. I have come to realize that this class is important to me.  I do not really feel "better" afterwards, but I do feel like I have accomplished more than just showing up.  Fran give me confidence that practice makes better.  And that is my goal!

Mary M (2018)