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A day in the life of..........................
A day in the life of..........................
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1:42 pm

Katy Bowman and Movement Matters

A number of years ago I invited Kay to the studio to present her work to the studio members. What a great decision that was. Katy's book Movement Matters has made a deep impression on my work and those with whom I work with. See if you can spot Andy and I at this event!

1:21 pm

Great Exercise to Strengthen External Hip Rotators

I have been fascinated with the Obturator Externus and Internus (hip external rotators) and hope this quick video will give you an idea on how to strengthen them!

10:10 pm

So fascinating and the power is in your own hands!

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11:49 am

Are you developing a forward neck tilt?

Studies show that for every 15 degrees of forward neck tilt, as much as 10-20 lbs. of increased weight is added onto your spine, back, and neck! (Image via Dr. Erik Dalton, PhD)

9:17 pm


11:52 am

Promised Frozen Shoulder Video

7:34 pm

What to expect from your Pilates practice!


9:15 pm

Visualising the Hip Anatomy

One of our students ask for this video, I hope you enjoy it too!

11:17 am

Why I love working with Kettlebells!

mark smk 1
Mark said to me a number of weeks ago - "when one does a large volume of heavy or high intensity work it provides a background of endurance training with a foreground of strength and power. Also, lots of short intervals add up to endurance work over the course of the workout"