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A day in the life of..........................
A day in the life of..........................
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11:17 am

Why I love working with Kettlebells!

mark smk 1
Mark said to me a number of weeks ago - "when one does a large volume of heavy or high intensity work it provides a background of endurance training with a foreground of strength and power. Also, lots of short intervals add up to endurance work over the course of the workout"

6:01 pm

Doron is back in town! Workshop on Sunday August 2nd, 2015

We are pleased to announce that renown yoga master Doron Hanoch is back from India and a world-wide teaching tour for a special summer workshop at MPY. Don’t miss out!

From Buddha Mind to Yoga Ninja - The spirit of calmness within the power.
Register early to secure your spot. Class limited to 25 students.

A workshop for those ready to fly. A practice that will include pranayama, cultivating energy, the power to fly and invert, and how to stay cool through it all. Sign up early online! Cost: $40 per person - Early Birds pay just $30 if registered before 12:00 a.m. July 20th.

10:57 am

Found this article regarding neck issues and I think it is spot on, hope you find it helpful.

Are Your Neck Muscles Weak?

10:39 am

Why Things Hurt?

Lorimer does a great TEDx talk on our perception of pain.

10:42 pm

Belly Breathing

I found this and thought this would be a great way to teach the kids in the household to breathe, so good.........

7:21 pm

Yoga makes you smarter!

In a recent eight-week study, adults over age 55 who took an hour-long class of hatha yoga (the most commonly practiced form of yoga worldwide) three times a week had significantly better memory and attention than adults who simply did stretching and toning exercises.  Possible reason: The focus required to hold poses and control breathing during yoga may result in better attention to mental tasks as well. 

Neha Gothe PhD, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology, Wayne State University, Detroit "Yoga makes you smarter!" Bottom Line Health November 2014: 7. Print.

5:12 pm

It seems there are many of us who struggle with hip tightness and no amount of stretching or target movement makes a difference.  Having fallen in love with the Franklin Method many years ago, I am amazed at how just watching the bone rhythms in this video makes a difference to my mindset regarding my hips.  Hope you enjoy the video.

4:35 pm

Are you moving with alignment and efficiency?

My teacher Tom McCook (Center of Balance in Mountain View) shared this with my group the other week and I wanted to share it with you. "There are always two questions you should ask yourself when doing a movement; am I moving in alignment and am i moving with efficiency? These 2 questions will help you to become a more skillful mover in life, and let quality dictate quantity for better over performance, health and longevity."

1:08 pm

The Fuzz Speech with Gil Hedley

We have been talking about the Fuzz for a while and I wanted to share with you Gil's Fuzz Speech. Remember to walk out your Fuzz every morning! Think of me next week when I am with Gil beginning the dissection class:) Stay happy everyone!

12:11 pm

Visualizing the Shoulder Anatomy; bone rhythms, musculature and nerves

Answering a question this morning after class I used this video as a great visual aid. The shoulder structure is simple but complicated. I have to say that I love the nerve visualizations.

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